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【08.06.21】Stay Away From The Forum Wrangles!

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               Stay Away From The Forum Wrangles,
               Let’s Surf The Internet With Harmony!

    The definition of 'forum' from《CI HI》is that a place for public to present arguments. Forum is a public place. Everyone could say their say. Therefore, a public place would consequently be inhibited by social ethics and code of conduct.

    Since the forums have emerged, there have been communications between net friends. Platforms have been provided for the net friends to communicate and present themselves. Everyone could express their emotions freely through all kinds of forms such as sending new posts, replying others posts, arguing against different opinions, or even just sending some nonsense posts to have some fun. All these have constituted the intercommunication between these net friends.

    Normally, a person's code of conduct is very much related their educational, growing, experiential and moral cultivation background. Forums as a newly emerged cultural phenomenon have been getting more and more attention from both government and civics. Particularly as a sort of popular media disseminule, it has made more and more people concern the joys and sorrows and feel the happiness and sadness inside.

    There is a saying that 'which do not want to have, not to impose on'. Everyone must feel the same and everything must obey this rule. If you do not like something yourself, then do not force others to do it. People could discuss about a common topic that is concerned by everyone in a forum, which is everyone's hope, and that should be supported. Therefore, everyone would feel respected and concerted as well as gain new perception of things through this kind of intercommunication. Although the net world is virtual, the end users who are connected by the cable are physical. Due to the various codes of conduct, net world is like human society. The net wrangles, such as discord or accusing with each other, sending anonymous negative comments, even vituperating personally or assaulting viciously, cannot be avoided. But, we should fully realize that it's impossible not to be commented for anything in the world, including those negative comments of the articles and the authors. It's quite normal. Good medicine tastes bitter. Therefore, it's not bad to receive some negative comments and well-meaning cautions. But I still call on a happy harmonious environment as the forum tenet. After all, people mainly tend to entertain through the Internet. To develop a harmonious network environment is also a necessary requirement of building a harmonious society.

    Net life needs happiness and intercommunication, which should be based on respecting each other. We should pursue a happy net life. What is happiness? Happiness is making people feel comfortable. What is comfortable? Ningbo dialect says 'shuang kuai', which means exhilarating and bobbish. Therefore, to make others 'shuang kuai' with our proper code of conduct and mutual respect is more important than to make ourselves 'shuang kuai' when we are surfing the Internet. In the real life, if you make others uncomfortable, probably it will bring uncomfortable back to yourself. I believe that the Chinese conventional Confucianism of 'courtesy demands reciprocity' must have been encountered by everyone.

    Therefore, harmony is very important when we are surfing the Internet. Making everyone 'shuang kuai' is important as well. Hope every excellent net friend who is eager to gain attention from more friends will win the continuously growing of attention through their outstanding mentalities, creative thoughts, bran-new ideas and massive knowledge background. Then probably tomorrow you would become a star or a celebrity of a forum. Tomorrow when you are comfortably surfing the Internet, you might feel the harmonious forum environment is like spring breeze, would bring you infinate happiness.

Wrangles Terminate Here and Harmonies Navigate Here!


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Insupport   oftheharmonious Internet

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i'm 4 u~!
wrangles terminate here&harmonies navigate here!!!!!!
appreciate what LZ 's said

lwj1990 发表于 2011-6-3 01:15

Entanglements! Cultural lower. Don't know say?

Speak English let the many people all come in and see went away, because don't know say?

yingheyuzhu 发表于 2012-3-29 17:04

Support harmonious Internet
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